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The UN Permanent Forum
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IHRAAM interventions to the
UN Permanent Forum on
Indigenous Issues, May, 2012

Agenda Item 3 - Doctrine of Discovery:
The extent of violence against
indigenous women and girls

Agenda Item 6 -
Rights of indigenous peoples
to food and food sovereignty

May, 2012

Intervention re. Agenda Item 3 - Doctrine of Discovery:
The extent of violence against indigenous women and girls in terms of article 22 (2) of the United Nations DRIP.
Presented by the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities:

State removal of indigenous children from their mothers is a kind of violence against women amounting to psychological and
emotional torture.

In the Petition to the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, P-879-07 Loni Edmond v.
Canada, it is  stated that Canada has no right to interfere in Líl’wat families: Canada has no treaty with Líl̓wat. Loni Edmond is a Líl’
wat person. The children of the Petitioner in the case have been removed from her custody and from the community. Most
recently her baby was taken, by state officials, at birth. One in seven indigenous children in British Columbia is taken from his

This state-organized form of violence against indigenous women furthers the Canadian objective of extinguishing indigenous
peoples and thereby resolving its outstanding problem of not having a proper title to the land by removing the title holders – the

There is a shocking level of contempt for indigenous individuals throughout state bureaucracy – from the Ministry concerning
Children and Families through the entire legal, medical and law enforcement establishments – most recently partially exposed in
an Inquiry into the unresolved disappearance of some thousands of indigenous women in British Columbia. Evidence showed that
Vancouver police shun fellow officers who receive reports from indigenous women. They refer to indigenous women as “the scum
of the earth” and “a waste.” If ever such individuals are investigated or implicated, such as in the Missing Women Inquiry, the
investigations are carried out by their superiors – people who have graduated from exactly the same type of violently racist
practice and bureaucracies that those who perpetuate the crimes are involved with presently.

When the above-mentioned Petitioner went to a doctor for medical help recently, she explained her extremely hopeless feelings
and her anger at the loss of her children. The doctor failed to give her any medical assistance. He reported her condition to local
police, who found and detained the woman later that same day.

Recommendation: Organized state violence against indigenous women must not be allowed to be reviewed and finally resolved