""I am particularly curious of the many ways Africans brought to this continent
    resisted oppression and assimilation. For this reason I was really amazed to
    read the unknown and untaught history of the Gullah wars.  The study of Y. N.
    Kly and yourself represent a major step in the destruction of the myth which
    says that Africans were passive and accepted their slave conditions.  
    Together with the heroic three hundred years of resistance of the Palmaree
    Quilombo in the State of Alagoa, in Brazil, the Gullah Wars are historic facts
    which contribute to enhance the pride of all Africans.  There is more to know
    about the African resistance in the Americas..."
                              Daniel Atchebro, United Nations Office on
    commenting 2/1/99 on "The Gullah Wars," by Y. N. Kly
    appearing in The Legacy of Ibo Landing:  Gullah Roots of African
    American Culture,
    edited by Marquetta L. Goodwine

QUEEN QUET with Dr. Y. N. Kly
International Legal Counselor
to the Gullah-Geechee Nation

    African American Gullah/Geechee People
    Present Ethnocide Grievance to UN
    Commission on Human Rights Geneva

    Yeddy We: Statement to the UN
    Commission on Human Rights from the
    Gullah/Geechee Community of the United
    States,  Marquetta L. Goodwine, Director,
    Gullah/Geechee Sea Islands Coalition

    IHRAAM Communication to the UN
    concerning Gullah/Geechees
Gullah-Geechee Chieftess Queen Quet
at UN Rio+20 Planning Meeting
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‘We Are Not an Island’

The Gullah/Geechee Nation,
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Article in Sojourners
leader heads to Morocco
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