At quite an early age after graduation from the Madras Christian College,
Dr. Henry Thiagaraj had the rare privilege of being selected by the United
Nations as an intern in the Department of Public Information (DPI). He
studied the Public Information activities of this international body. On his
return to India he served 25 years in the State Govt. of Tamil Nadu under
the Information & Public Relations, Education and Tourism Depts.
Combining both his international experience on the service in the Govt.  
He established two Non-Governmental organizations – in voluntary
service sector. The One world Educational Trust aimed at promoting
educational activities for National Integration and International Harmony
and reaching out to people all over the world.  The United Nations
Commission of Human Rights invited Dr. Thiagaraj  June 1993 He
organized a historically significant National Workshops on Human Rights
& Societal Violence on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in
August 1996, which received the full cooperation of National Human
Rights Commission in India and was attended by leading scholars who
greatly appreciated this pioneering effort. He participates in the UN
Human Rights Commission meetings held in Geneva. Mr. Thiagaraj was
invited by the American Universities to give a lecture on Dalit situation in
1991. He was a member of Peacemakers team in 2004 giving lectures on
Human Rights in USA.

His service gained recognition both in India and abroad that he received
the following awards:

1.The citation of the Seva Ratna Award given in Sept.1998 by the
Centenarian Trust described Mr. Thiagaraj : “a real friend of blossoms in
the dust, a rare dedicated worker to uplift the oppressed, suppressed and
the depressed”

2.The citation of The UN Alumni Award given by WAFUNIF to Mr. Henry
Thiagaraj at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September
25, 1998 read :

“In recognition of his work in advancing the goals and principles in the
charter of the United Nations through the promotion of education for
peace, development, and all human rights for all especially for the poor
and disadvantaged at the grass-roots level, and in appreciation of his
contribution to the growth and development of WAFUNIF.”

Mr. Thiagaraj is deeply committed to prevent societal violence through
educational programmes to create a “violence-less” society, by organizing
youth camps. He has established a multi-purpose Training Centre for
youth from Rural poor areas, known as the DELTA TRAINING CAMPUS, at
the River Palar Delta Region, a naturally beautiful water front location. The
Delta Training Centre Campus, has lands and buildings created by the
vision of Mr. Henry Thiagaraj now worth one million dollar in asset for
Dalits. This Centre provided Human Rights Education integrating with
sustainable human development preparing socially disadvantaged young
people to become community organizers and leaders to face the
challenges of 21st Century. The outstanding achievement of Human
Rights Defense Network under the leadership of Dr Henry Thiagaraj is
that in two year period 28 Para legal training workshops were organized
spread over 18 districts in which large number of women participated. At
present he is the Convener of the Human Rights Education Movement of
India and Chairman of the Voice of Dalit Forum
The One World Educational Trust was established in the year
1985 by Dr. Henry Thiagaraj to promote National Integration and
International Harmony through education to respect cultural diversity, human
dignity and human rights of people. A partnership with the International Ship
Board Education of the University of Pittsburg has been established for more
than 16 years. He organizes programmes to take American students
traveling in the ship M.V. Explorer which is also known as the “Floating
University”, or the “Semester at Sea” on field visits.
Dr. Henry Thiagaraj
An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations