• EDUCATION: To promote public and governmental awareness of all legal instruments
    for human rights protection as subscribed to by the United Nations and international
    law , including  related studies and documentation  that address the right to self-
    determination of internal minorities  peoples, and unrepresented nations in general.

  • MONITORING: To monitor state adherence to international treaties, engage in human
    rights monitoring on the ground, and provide training of human rights monitors for

  • INTERNATIONAL LEGAL RECOURSE: To facilitate the understanding and access of
    minorities, peoples and unrepresented nations to all avenues of protection under
    international law

  • RESEARCH:  To produce and promote scholarly and indigenous research on
    indigenous history and issues

  • To provide information  to minorities, peoples and unrepresented nations seeking to
    achieve their right to self-determination

  • To encourage and facilitate the creation of new instruments and mechanisms related
    to the right to self-determination.

  • IHRAAM attempts to promote international human rights, and the rights of
    minorities, unrepresented nations and peoples in particular, by all available
    means of publicity, such as publications (books and newsletter), press releases,
    speaking and teaching engagements,     radio and TV interviews, conferences,
    facilitation of UN Briefings, and by mutual aid, association with and representation
    to organizations and human rights groups worldwide.

  • Submission of Alternative Reports to UN Treaty monitoring bodies in relation to
    the Universal Periodic Review

  • ·Submission of Briefs and Petitions to the United Nations, to the Inter American
    Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States, and other
    appropriate international tribunals and political fora through the IHRAAM
    International Legal Clinic.

  • ·Submission of Interventions to and cooperation with all UN organs such as the
    UN Working Groups, the Human Rights Council, the Forum on Minority Issues,

  • ·Provision of information of concern to minorities, peoples and unrepresented
    nations seeking to achieve their right to self-determinatio .through the IHRAAM
    People'sInformation  Bureau

  • Training of Human Rights Monitors

  • Formation and facilitation of an international mechanism to address the issue of
An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations