The following are some of the activities that have been undertaken by
    IHRAAM.  This list does not include activities such as Interventions to the
    UN Commission on Human Rights, UN Sub-Commission, consultations to
    indigenous and minority groups, internship activities, etc. performed by
    IHRAAM on an ongoing basis

    Facilitated UN Briefing to over 100 representatives from minority organizations from Canada, the U.S., India and Africa on the subject of
    minority rights in international law. The Briefing was held in the Dag Hammarskjold Library, UN headquarters, New York. Speaker: Elsa

    Facilitated American minority lobbying with regard to the drafting of the Declaration on the Rights of Minorities

    Petitioned the Secretary-General of the United Nations under Resolution 1503
    (XLVIII) concerning the gross violation of human rights, concerning the beating of
    Los Angeles motorist Rodney King (April 1992) and the death sentence to juvenile offender Gary Graham (November 1993), in the context of
    the persistent history of gross violations of human rights of the African-American minority

    Petitioned the Inter-American Court concerning the beating of Los Angeles motorist Rodney King (April 1992)

    Facilitated the attendance of representatives from minority organizations to various international fora, such as the UNPO Conference on Self-
    Determination in the Hague and the Technical Meeting of the Experts, UN Working Group on Minorities, United Nations, Geneva

    Co-sponsored Conference on "African-Americans & the Right to Self-
    Determination," held at Hamline University on May 14, 1993

    In cooperation with the Minnesota Advocates, solicited input from American
    minority organizations concerning forthcoming state report to the Human Rights
    Committee of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    Participated in foundation and on-going development of the North American
    Partners for Human Rights Education (NAPHRE) in conjunction with Amnesty
    International (Canada and USA), Decade of Human Rights Education, Center for
    World Education (University of Vermont), National Institute for Citizen Education in
    the Law, Human Rights Center (University of Minnesota), Human Rights Research and Education Centre (University of Ottawa)

    Submitted a formal Communication of several hundred pages to the Human Rights Committee concerning the human rights situation in a
    state submitting its report as obliged under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

    Attended the World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, and preparatory
    conferences in Saskatoon, Montreal and Bangkok

    Conferred with the UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism during his mission of investigation to the U.S., and
    submitted videos and substantial documentation, 1994

    At Special Rapporteur's request, submitted critique of U.S. Response to the Special Rapporteur's Final Report, 1996

    Provided extensive consultation to American minority organization concerning its
    presentation of a Petition under Resolution 1503 (XVLIII) and made a number of
    interventions concerning the Final Report of Theo van Boven, UN Special Rapporteur on Reparations, the Dalit population in India, African-
    Americans, and Native American rights in relation to the Tribal Court

    Conducted human rights educational seminars for the US National Bar Association trainees in Geneva during 1994 session of the UN Sub-

    Provided consultation to IHRAAM Director Thlau-Goo-Yailth-Thlee and presiding
    judge , as well as interviews to USA Today and Seattle Times, concerning the
    historic trial referral of two aboriginal youths charged with robbery and assault from the Superior Court of Washington State to the Kuye-di
    Kuiu Kwaan Tribal Court

    Co-publication with Clarity Press, Inc.of A Popular Guide to Minority Rights, edited by IHRAAM Chair, Y.N. Kly. Published with support from
    the European Human Rights Foundation, Brussels

    Made numerous interventions at sessions of the UN Working Group and Sub-
    Commission concerning the situation of African-Americans, the Dalits in India, and the Haitian minority in the Dominican Republic, 1995

    Facilitated communications between the National Organizing Committee/Chicago, Million Man March and the UN , 1995

    Intervened at the UN Working Group and Sub-Commission concerning the situation of the Kashmiris of India, and the Nauxalk Nation of
    Canada, 1996

    Submitted written communications, 1995, 1996 to the OSCE concerning human
    dimension issues as they relate to minorities

    Speaking engagements to minority organizations: National Bar Association, NCBL Annual Meeting, International Association of Black
    Professional Firefighters, etc., 1994-1996

    Consultation, Mr. Ibrahima Fall, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, UN, concerning UN resolution 1996/26 entitled "Minimum
    humanitarian standards," November 1st, 1996

    Invited to sit as Judge on International Tribunal of the Kuye'di Thlingit Nation
    concerning a complaint issued by a Member of that indigenous nation against the
    American I.R.S., January, 1997

    Interventions with regard to the situation in Kashmir, 53rd Session of the
    Commission on Human Rights, March, 1997

    Attendance/intervention, meeting of the UN Working Group on Minorities, May 26-30, 1997

    Written intervention to the UN Sub-Commission in support of the Working Group on Minorities, August 3, 1997. IHRAAM has been advised
    that this intervention will be reproduced as an NGO document for the 54th Session of the Commission of Human Rights, under the item:
    Report of the Sub-Commission.

    Consultation with the High Commissioner for Human Rights in relation to request for comments on the Covenant on Social, Economic and
    Cultural Rights

    Oral intervention to the UN Sub-Commission concerning human rights situation of African-Americans, Dalits and Kashmiris, August 20,

    Participation/exhibit at Commonwealth Conference, October, 1997. The Centre was visited by most of the government delegations including
    Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair and Prince Charles. All of them were briefed about the IHRAAM work. IHRAAM has been advised by the Prince's
    staff to coordinate with the Prince's trust about our activities.

    Participation, NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court, 1997-1998

    Article for The Fourth R, the Human Rights Publication of Amnesty International, Vol. 8, No. 2, Fall, 1997.  Member of the Editorial Board, The
    Fourth R, ongoing.  

    Consultation, analytical paper for the Chair, UN Working Group on Minorities, "The
    Hague Recommendations Regarding the Education Rights of National Minorities,"February 28, 1998, to be included in the analytical review
    of the Hague
    Recommendations conducted at the following session of the Working Group in May, 1998.  

    Interventions with regard to the situation in Kashmir, 54th session, United Nations Sub-Commission, March, 1998.  

    Co-sponsor, Celebration to mark the birthday of Dalit leader, Dr. Ambedkar, at
    Howard University, May, 1998.  

    Judge and Guest Speaker, International Tribunal of Original Nations concerning safe-guarding Traditional Lakota Spirituality, May 5, 1998.  

    Submission of Court Brief Concerning Improper and Unauthorized Use of Indigenous Spiritual Teachings.  Temporary injunction granted,
    May 8th, 1998.  

    Attendance, intervention, Meeting of the UN Working Group on Minorities, May 25-29,1998.  

    Conducted international law training session at the United Nations for 13 students, May 28th, 1998.  

    Facilitated UN tour for 100 adults and students, John Hope Academy, Chicago, June 2nd, 1998.  

    UN-accredited Observer, XXth session of the United Nations General Assembly to
    consider the fight against the illicit production, sale, traffic and distribution of
    narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, New York, June 8-10th, 1998.

    Official Observer, Public Meeting, Investigation into Human Rights Abuses at
    Residential Schools, Canada, June 10-12th, 1998.  

    Intervention, 50th session of the UN Sub-Commission, concerning the situations in Chiapas and Kashmir, August, 1998.  

    Sent representatives to the 1998 session of the Commission on  Human Rights
    working group re Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, November 30-December 11, 1998.

    Invitation to IHRAAM Chair from Jacques Chirac, President of France, Mary
    Robinson, UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, and Federico Mayor, Directoro-General of UNESCO, to attend the REUNION DE
    PARIS:  Les Droits de l'homme al'aube du xxie siecle, UNESCO offices, Paris, December 7-8, 1998.  

    Intervention to the Human Rights Commission concerning the African American
    Gullah claims of Ethnocide, April 1, 1999.

    Round Table on "Children in Conflicts, April 15, 1999, at Commission on Human
    Rights, Geneva.  Co-sponsors:  International Educational Development, WMC,
    International Peace Burueau, MWl, IIFSO.

    Nationwide survey of African American opinion on the issue of self-determination
    and minority rights, 1999.

    IHRAAM Petiton to the United Nations, July-August, 1999 on forced assimilation as itrelates to African Americans, Native Americans and
    other national minorities in the U.S.

    IHRAAM interventions to the Sub-Commission, July-August, 1999
    Concerning African Americans in Prison, Chiapas, and Kashmir
    Concerning the 1993 Police Shooting of Archie Elliot III
    Concerning the Lakota Sioux Indian Nation

    IHRAAM Briefing on "The Right to Self-Determination and the Role of the United
    Nations," United Nations, New York, October 1st, 1999.  Panel and video

    Consultation with the Gullah-Geechee Coalition, and the Carlie Towne Foundation inrelation to preservation of cultural heritage sites and
    minority rights of the African American Gullah-Geechee peoples, 1998-ongoing.

    Consultation and cooperation with the Jamahir Society for Culture & Philosophy,
    Vienna, concerning Youth Camps in North Africa, forthcoming Jamahir Society
    Conferences and Publications. 1998-Ongoing.

    Assistance in the development of an  international program for the National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences (NISWASS), India,
    a Dalit-established and directed Institute practicing liberation-oriented pedagogy in serving the Dalit population, 1999-ongoing.

    Consultant to law firm of Joseph Farkas, Toronto, concerning the preparation for the defense of immigration case for African American
    couple seeking political asylum in Canada, October 1999.  IHRAAM also prepared and submitted a Complaint to the Human Rights
    Committee of the United Nations concerning refusal of Canada to grant asylum.

    Sponsored seminar, "Human Rights & Armed Conflicts," Salle XVIII, Palais des
    Nations, United Nations, April 11th, 2000.

    IHRAAM Intervention to the Sub-Commission on Agenda Item 11:  Forced
    Disappearances, April, 2000.

    Participated in the Prepcom of the World Conference Against Racism, Intervention
    on Item 7-8, May, 2000.

    Submitted Communication to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights concerning Arbitrary Detention of Four Mexican Social
    Activists, June 25, 2000.

    Co-sponsor: First International Conference on the Right to Self-Determination and the United Nations:  From Minority Rights to Political
    Independence, Forum Park Hotel, Geneva, Aug. 11-13, 2000.

    Co-sponsor  with University of Regina, Roundtable on Justice and the Social,
    Economic and Political Prerequisites for the Elimination of Weapons of Mass
    Destruction, Regina, Canada, November 2003.

    Co-sponsor, Second International Conference on the Right to Self-determination, the United Nations, and International Civil Society,
    Geneva, August 2004.

    Co-sponsor with East-West University, Roundtable on The United Nations &
    International Power Politics:  The Future of World Order, Chicago, IL. , June 2004

    Consultation and Speaking Engagement, Gullah-Geechee Kwanzaa Conference,
    December 26-30th,  2005, Charleston, S.C.

    May 7-13, IHARAM Consultant Kerry Coast attends the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

    April 20-21, 2012  IHRAAM Chicago Conference "From Civil Rights to Human Rights and Self-Determination?"

    September 22, 2011 IHRAAM Representatives Queen Quet and Dr. John Waddell attend Durban III Conference at the UN in New York

    September, 2011. IHRAAM submits two written statements and one oral statement to the 18th Session of the Human Rights Council under
    agenda items 3, 4 and 9.

    August 22, 2011 The Inter-American Human Rights Commission informs IHRAAM it has given Canada two months to respond to the Loni
    Edmond case concerning government placement of Lil'wat mother's children in foster homes

    July 20, 2011:  IHRAAM Intern Fariduddin Muhammad awarded UN Fellowship for IYPAD

    July 10, 2011:  Alfred-Mauricel de Zayas, former Secretary of Human Rights Committee, joins IHRAAM Directorate

    May, 25, 2011:  IHRAAM Lil'Wat delegates James Louie, Alvin Nelson and Attila Nelson attended the 10th Session of the UN Permanent Forum
    on Indigenous Issues in New York, May, 16-27, 2011.  On May 25th, James Louie made an intervention inter alia urging delegates to support
    the Lil'wat OAS Petition.

    May 2, 2011:  International legal expert and advocate, Francis A. Boyle, joins IHRAAM Directorate

March 23, 2011:  
Memorial for IHRAAM Founder and Chair, Dr. Y. N. Kly

    September 27, 2010, Geneva:  Event at Palais des Nations, "International Human Rights Norms and Crowd Control"

    11 June, 2009:  Hosted an Interactive Dialogue & Roundtable entitled “Council’s Mandate on Self-Determination” at the Palais des Nations in
    Geneva in parallel to the 11th session.

    April, 2009:  Durban Preparatory Committee (15 to 17 April 2009) and for the Durban Review Conference (20 – 25 April 2009) in Geneva,

    i.        Delegates in attendance (4) under direction of IHRAAM’s Permanent Representative to Geneva.

    ii.        April 25, 2009: Intervention delivered by IHRAAM’s Permanent Representative to Geneva, viewing racism as among the root
    causes that result in the displaced people and eventual statelessness

    iii.        Organization of side events

    29 April, 2009:  hosted an Interactive Dialogue & Roundtable entitled The Rights of Peoples at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Attendance:  
    approximately 90 people

    19 March, 2009:  hosted an Interactive Dialogue & Roundtable entitled Peace & Security, Development and Human Rights as Pillars of the
    UN System at the Palais des Nations in Geneva in parallel to the 10th session of the Human Rights Council and discussed the state of the
    three pillars since the inception of the United Nations and their relevance to the modern world.

    15 & 16 December 2008 – FORUM ON MINORITY ISSUES, Palais des Nations, Geneva.  IHRAAM representative to the UN in New York and two
    other delegates attended and drew attention to the situation of the Gullah-Geechee people in the US.

    17 September, 2008:  hosted a conference on “Mass Graves” in parallel to the 9th Session of the Human Rights Council at the Palais des
    Nations, Geneva.  It discussed the occurrence and impact of enforced disappearances, extra-judicial executions and mass graves.

    11 June, 2008: Hosted a seminar on  “Disappearances: Unmarked & Nameless Graves during the 8th session of the United Nations Council
    for Human Rights, Palais des Nations , Geneva.

    24-25 September, 2007:  Hosted a conference titled “The Making of Peace in Kashmir at Geneva”, Palais des Nations, Geneva.

    27 March, 2007:  Hosted a seminar on “Human Rights in the Crossfire” during the 4th session of the Human Rights Council, Palais des
    Nations, Geneva.

    Meeting attendance by IHRAAM representatives,
    6-24 November 2006 Committee against Torture
    15-24 November 2006 Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
    20-1 December 2006 Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances
    10-28 July, 2006 Human Rights Committee
    30 May-3 June, 2005 Working Group on Minorities

    December 2006:  Publication of In Pursuit of an International Civil Tribunal on the Right to Self-Determination:  Collected Papers of the
    Second International Conference on the Right to Self-Determination, the United Nations and International Civil Society, edited by Y.N. Kly
    and D. Kly.  

    IHRAAM has submitted legal petitions/cases related to violations of international human rights
    law to the following tribunals:
    •        To the UN Human Rights Committee concerning
                             mandatory retirement
    •        To the Inter-American Court concerning:
    State failure to incorporate international treaty law into domestic legislation

    State failure to fulfill its international legal obligations under Article 27 of the
    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as it relates to minority
    cultural preservation

    Several cases related to failure to receive a fair trial
    In promotion of ECOSOC Goal 3:
    State Domestic Adoption of and Adherence to
    International Human Rights Law
An international NGO in consultative status with the United Nations