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On March 23, 2012 Alfred-Maurice de Zayas  was
UN INDEPENDENT EXPERT on the Promotion of a Democratic
and Equitable International Order.
On July 1, 2013, de Zayas issued his Report to the Human Rights
Council. The deZayas report recommended, inter alia, "that the
self-determination item was a permanent item on the agenda of the
Commission on Human Rights. Bearing in mind that self-determination is a
pillar of the Charter and that it has not been achieved by many indigenous
peoples, minorities, unrepresented peoples, and peoples under
occupation, the Council should resume consideration of self-determination
as part of items 3 and 4 of its agenda."  See i
nterview with Alfred de Zayas.

ALFRED DE ZAYAS is a US lawyer and historian, expert in human
rights, J.D. Harvard, Ph.D., presently Göttingen Professor of
international law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy,and a retired
member of the New York Bar, Florida Bar,

He formerly served as Secretary of the UN Human Rights
Committee, retired Chief of Petitions at the Office of the UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights. Visiting Professor of law at
UBC (Douglac McKay Brown Chair), former President of P.E.N.
Ramsey Clark, 66th United States Attorney General and now president of
INTERNATIONAL ANSWER with Alfred-Maurice de Zayas