It is with great sadness that IHRAAM mourns the
passing of its founder and director,
Dr. Y. N. Kly,
on January 6, 2011
    A source of inspiration to all who knew him, Dr. Kly was a visionary who consistently
    thought within the broader global framework about how best to promote human well
    being, and worked tirelessly to bring those understandings to concrete fruition.

    The broad scope of his activities was evident in the wide range of unrepresented
    nations and peoples whose causes he sought to advance not only through UN
    human rights assemblies, but also through tribunals such as the Human Rights
    Committee and the Inter-American Court:   Gullah-Geechees, African Americans,
    Kashmiris, Thlingit, Dalits, Lil'wat, Apsalookas, Puerto Ricans, and others.

    As a Professor Emeritus in the field of political science and international law at the
    University of Regina, and as a founder and primary theoretician directing IHRAAM,
    an international human rights NGO in consultative status with the United Nations,
    he brought unique and far-reaching insights into the possible conduct of domestic
    and international affairs.  

    His many books dealing with the rights of oppressed minorities, and in particular his
    own African American and Gullah-Geechee peoples, sought to advance an
    understanding of their actual politico-legal situation within multinational states, and
    the many legal and institutional means and route to improving their socio-economic
    well being without surrendering their unique and beautiful cultures.  He further
    sought to move the UN itself towards a fuller understanding and institutional
    protection of Article 1 of both of the major human rights treaties, which legally
    enshrined the right to self-determination, by means of two international
    conferences held in Geneva.

    He was a world citizen, a great humanitarian, and loved and respected by his family
    and friends, colleagues and students, and members of his local and far-flung
Memorial held in the Palais des Nations.  
Geneva 23rd March 2011